This is what I do.

Hello There, I'm Daksh. A 16 (as of 13th July 2017) Year Old, who loves to program. I actually didn't know what to do since I was a kid and I did never match-up with people who were nearby. I mean People always were calling me outside to play with them, I usually didn't go with them and When you stop ignoring people, They start bullying you and I was bullied my entire life.

My Dad was always a great guy, he always was supportive to me and I got my first computer because of him at a really young age, and when you get something new you get fairly excited and that excitement doesn't stay long but for me that wasn't the case, to this day I love computers and I get excited when I see computers lying around my room.

I Started Programming in the early days and by that time I didn't know how all these things work and I didn't know what t o use my computer for. Luckily I had Internet Access, So I started writing code in the most basic languages for kids such as Scratch, QBasic and The Logo (Turtle Language). While these languages didn't really allow me to build amazing things that I build to this day but they gave me a ground of what computers can do and what they can be made to do.

My Mom and Dad didn't like that either, they prefered taking the hard-way and got me into a boarding school for a few months and about the love for technology, it never stopped me and I eventually came back and started writing code and One day I was paid to code which really Impressed my parents and they got a the idea of what I was doing and they found out that at this age I'm doing the right thing that usually others don't do.

I wasn't really interested in school from the begining and never became the "topper" as you school guys may call it but to me actually grades do not matter, skills do because you can mug-up the things and get good grades but you won't be able to mug-up and build a skill sooner or later. I loved Science to be honest and that was the only subject except computer science that I had my legs over.

Then one day, I found out about Python and Damn! That was the best day of my life, Cause that's the language which had some grounds and I could easily program things with it whether they be web-apps (dynamic) or just simple desktop apps but Python had a lot of potential because It could be used anywhere and It was just a hell of a perfect Language and I loved it the most and Actually Python Got me into Web-Development.

I had some bad experiences after that and was bullied a lot by some big YouTubers who loved creating fun of me. Just because I had some fun talking personally to them. I won't disclose the names either but they bullied me all together and It just felt like Why am I even alive and they did it in a way that got me into hard time, but sooner or later I found out Node.js, this thing was the future of Web-Tech and I got myself into it.

With Node.js making applications was so damn easy and in a User-Friendly way I was able to build some cool things and that allowed me to get into loving node.js for a year and then one day I heard about build mobile apps and desktop apps with Node.js and that told me that I chose the right stack and Now I was able to build Cross-Platform Apps Easily. I built some really powerful tools that actually helped people do some cool stuff.

Node.js esentially helped me do all the stuff what I wanted to do and I was really happy and I was to be honest always possessive about cosmology and Artificial Intelligence and Sci-Fi films engaged those things in me and One day I decided that I will build Something for Artificial Intelligence and I found that AI is a field of Machine Learning that is called Reinforcement Learning, I started learning about ML.

I started with a really handy library called Sci-Kit Learn by Google, that allowed you to do most of the machine learning except Neural Networks and for neural networks I found google in 2015 was building something called "Tensorflow" and I started trying Tensorflow in the late 2016 and It actually came out to be really handy and built some really cool neural network algorithms such as Classifiers, Predicters, Computer Vision, etc and well that's where I was headed and started improving myself and I'm still getting there and I will eventually get there by working harder.

I Didn't expect this to happen that quickly but it did and the truth is time flies when you're working hard, I am in 11th Grade and I chose Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Mathematics as my primary subjects and I actually love all of them. I became a Full Stack Developer over a period of 6 years, I've been in love with computers for 9 years now, and now it feels like I made for it and my advice for every starter would always be Do whatever you love in life, It always pays well.